ralphfiennes.jpgHow often do you see an actor like Ralph Fiennes pop up in a smutty headline on Page Six? Well, hardly ever – and now that Fiennes has had the honor, he's acting like tabloid journalism was a scourge recently invented. The New York Post's gossip sheet recently "reported" that the Constant Gardener star was spotted at a club with actress Gina Gershon, where the two "made out in a booth and then cuddled the rest of the night." The problem doesn't lie solely with being seen with Gershon – the piece also suggested that Fiennes had "traded in" his long-time paramour, the 61 year-ol Francesa Annis, for "a younger model." Fiennes insists that the incident never happened, and is rumored to be considering legal action against the rag. Assuming he really *wasn't* seen committing the cardinal sin of chasing girls his own age, do you think Fiennes has a case? Or is the tabloid newbie just making a lot of fuss over nothing?
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