Kevin Smith takes advantage of Ain’t It Cool’s Talkback comments to do what he does best – insult and rant while sounding pseudo-intelligent. Since wrapping up production on Clerks 2a week or so ago, Kevin has taken advantage of his free time to write two lengthy and largely enjoyable responses to AICN users who’ve been arguing about him for…well, forever really. There’s a little bit of everything for Smith fans in his comments; news, rants, put downs, and self-depricating humor. You can see the first one on View Askew’s forums here, and the second one here. (Note: they are titled rounds two and three because Smith has responded to Talkbackers once before.)

Kevin Smith seems to be a very polarizing figure as a movie maker. People either idolize him or hate his guts. His lengthy posts linked above will give you fuel for which ever fire you burn; fans will find him witty, edgy, and humorous, while detractors will find him defensive and sometimes childish, relying on the same vulgar shtick that made him big. An analogy can be made here regarding a dead horse and persistent beating. I’ll let you fill it in yourself. At any rate, Smith seems to have gotten over thatJersey Girlfiasco and – good or bad – returned to what he is. Although I guess we need to wait for Clerks 2 to be sure. Thoughts?

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