terrencehoward.jpg... and no, none of those shots involve his work in Get Rich or Die Tryin', surely much to Jim Sheridan's dismay.

Over on The Envelope, Steve Pond reports that, besides for his shot at a Best Supporting Actor nod for Lion's Gate's Crash, Paramount Classics are launching two campaigns on behalf of Howard's work in Hustle and Flow: Best Actor and Best Original Song. Although Howard had no hand in composing "Hustle and Flow (It Ain't Over)", he did perform it in the film, and, if the song got a nomination, he'd likely be invited to the Kodak Theater to rap his way into viewer's hearts. Pond says the song has a real shot at a nomination, and maybe even a win; the Academy has been honoring "edgier" songs of late ("Blame Canada" from the South Park movie and Eminem's "Lose Yourself" both won within the past few years), and the song is a crucial part of the emotional movement in the film.

But what'll be really interesting, is if all three campaigns work, and the double-nominated actor takes the stage to deliver lyrics along the lines of "stuck in this fuck-a-marole ... got me connin my niggaz, spittin game to my hoes." Classy.
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