Ralph FiennesI was in Ireland for the Oscars the year that Schindler's List was in competition. Desperate for my glamor fix, I scanned all of the TV channels for preshow info and last minute punditry - all I could find, though, was best supporting actor nominee Liam Neeson. The man was everywhere: if he wasn't being interviewed, there were clips of his performance or people talking about his chances of winning. I realized that, as the only Irish nominee, the man (at least according to TV producers) was the primary concern of most of the Oscar-watchers in the country - and it's not as if we wouldn't do exactly the same thing.

Based on that experience, then, I'm not surprised that The Guardian's approach to Premiere's Oscar-preview edition was to go through and pick out all the Brits. And, at least according to Premiere, there are a lot of them in the running this year - Ralph Fiennes, Keira Knightley (no, not for Domino), Rachel Weisz and Judi Dench are all mentioned for the acting awards, while Wallace & Gromit in The Curse of the Were-Rabbit is sure to show up in the animation category. And, come January 31, we'll finally know for sure.