Matt Damon; George ClooneyOcean's Eleven, Ocean's Twelve and Syriana: what do they have in common? George Clooney and Matt Damon. Obviously the two are buddies, but you don't see Matt's other pal Ben Affleck showing up in his movies any more, do you? Why, there must be something really special about Clooney to have young Matt so keen on working with the guy. It turns out that there is indeed a very good reason (ladies, cover your eyes because depending on your tastes, this might not be pretty): according to Damon himself, "George grabs my ass every day. At least once a day. That's why I've done three movies with him." Aw, how sweet. Plus, you can't be ass-grabbing for movie publicity - look out, Harry Potter, here comes Syriana.
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