In Ian Fleming's Casino Royale, the main villain is a Russian agent called Le Chiffre. Russians were a good standby for enemies back in “the day,” but apparently they are now outdated and tired- at least the Bond people think so. There is apparently a desire to replace Le Chiffre with “an Osama bin Laden” type of character; a wealthy Islamic fundamentalist who funnels money to terrorist organizations. Rumors persist that a shadowy terrorist network will be at the center of this and future Bond films, presumably in an attempt to make the storylines more contemporary.


I like Russians as bad guys. Who cares if they are outdated? The books themselves are outdated at this point, and that certainly doesn’t make them bad novels. James Bond as a character existed largely as a cold warrior; it is part of the essence that is Bond. Why do we need to modernize Bond? Is there a problem with keeping the character as a period piece? Maybe I’m way off base here. I freely admit that I’m no Bond aficionado, just some dude that enjoys (some of) the movies. Any real Bond fans out there want to offer some legitimate opinions?

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