oscarAccording to LA Times columnist Patrick Goldstein, the flood of blogger punditry surrounding the Oscars is disrespectful to the films it examines. Or, if you prefer, said films are "subject to the demeaning, nauseatingly superficial ritual known as Oscar prognosticating." Yikes.

It must be pointed out here that at least twice, Goldstein makes an effort to include the mainstream media in his condemnation. The fact is, though, that bloggers bear the brunt of his explosively bitter rant. Among the adjectives he uses to describe online Oscar discussions are "harebrained," "out of control," "lamebrained," "Ouija board-style," and "'not remotely' accurate." Well, ok. So what if he's right? Goldstein just happens to do his share of Oscar prognosticating - what makes his version OK? (Presumably it's not lamebrained. Or harebrained. At the very least, one hopes, it must be more creative than his insults.) Plus, it's not as if the studios don't love attention in any form - you don't hear them complaining, do you?

Needless to say, movie bloggers have had rather a lot to say about Goldstein's column - for their responses, you can either do a search or wait for Karina's handy-dandy morning roundup. (It's safe to say that none of them are real happy.)

[via Eugonline]