coupland.jpgTwitch has found the synopsis and poster for Everything's Gone Green, based on the first screenplay by Generation X author Douglas Coupland. The story should sound vaguely familiar to anyone who's ever read any of Coupland's work. It centers on Ryan, a twenty-something who "falls into a job as a reporter/photographer for “Winners!” a crappy local lottery magazine that's given away for free at supermarkets ... as things look dismal, Ryan is tempted into a money laundering scheme that rewards him with a new muscle car, leather clothes and the opportunity to move closer to the woman he's found a wonderful connection with." The film will be the second directorial effort of Paul Fox, who made a name for himself with his debut. The Dark Hours.

I was huge Coupland fan in high school – I must have read Shampoo Planet twelve times in ninth grade alone – and I still have a soft spot for the guy. So, in the parlance of our times, I am so there. How about you?
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