disney.jpgIn an interview in today's Wall Street Journal, brand new Disney CEO Robert Iger talked big about his desire to completely close the theatrical-to-DVD distribution window. "We are spending too much time chasing box office [dollars] and we are waiting too long to enter the next window," Iger said. He added that consumers are impatient for content to become available on home video whilst it's still "relevant". Therefore, Iger says Disney has approached theater owners with the idea of selling the DVD of a given movie at the concession stand, whilst that same movie is still showing in that theater. Disney would make all of its money off of a given property in the same window and, according to Iger, they'd cut the theaters in on the DVD sale. The plan didn't go over so well. "They think we are out of our minds," Iger admits. Elsewhere in the piece, Iger talks about Pixar, iTunes, and Disney's plan to make fewer films through the next two years.

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