davegrohl.jpgI tried to draw a Venn Diagram of the following, but it just made me want to cry. Here's the gist: Jack Black, star of King Kong, apparently tried to get his friend, Nirvana drummer/lead Foo Fighter Dave Grohl, a small part in the Peter Jackson film. As Satan.

"We wanted [Grohl] to play the devil but he was too busy," Black says. And why did Black and Jackson think the career rockstar would be right for the cameo-sized role? Here's where the reasoning gets complicated: "I don't believe in the devil but I've always liked him as a character, kind of like Darth Vader," says Black. And ... "Satan pretty much invented rock." Oh .. so it all makes sense, then. IMDB doesn't list the role on its credits for the film, which suggests that somebody scrounged up a different rock star to take the cameo. Because Satan, who is like Darth Vader, invented rock. Gotcha.
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