Jennifer BealsActress Jennifer Beals former business manager, Seven Summits Pictures and Management,  is suing her, alleging the former Flashdancer and current star of  Showtime's popular lesbian show The L-Word didn't pay them over $200,000 in commisions for the last two seasons of the show. After Beals' star turn in 1983's Flashdance, the film that tragically caused millions of teens to think wearing oversized sweatshirts hanging off their shoulders was a great fashion statement, she pretty much faded to obscurity. Oh, sure, she still acted - she actually worked pretty consistently all through the 90's - who knew? - but she was pretty much a has-been until The L-Word put her back on the map.

"...the way it works is, if someone busts their ass and gets you a good gig, they're entitled to 10 percent of the money," says Seven Summits attorney Alexander Rufus-Issacs. One bit of advice for Beals: if you end up going to court, dress to impress -- don't wear that Flashdance sweatshirt you saved from the glory days.

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