The news has been out for awhile that a Ripley's Believe It or Not movie is in the works for Paramount Pictures, based on the unusual life of Robert Ripley, world explorer, collector, and columnist. Cool, you think. This has potential. Further news reports that Tim Burton, fresh off of Corpse Bride, was interested in doing the project. Even better, you muse. Burton’s style could compliment this particular sort of story very well. Then the other shoe drops- Jim Carrey is set to be the title character. NO!! --  you cry out as you recoil in sadness and horror. This can’t be! But it is, my friends, it is. Variety reports that the studio expects to begin production on the in London in October for a late 2007 release.

I know I’m being unnecessarily harsh. I imagine loads of Jim Carrey fans out there frothing at the mouth, demanding my scalp in payment for my evil words. But then I think, hey, if they dig Jim Carrey, they can’t really be all that intelligent. My scalp is probably safe. Although to be honest- Eternal Sunshine was pretty spiffin’ fantastic. Maybe there is hope for Carrey as an actor after all. And if there is, there’s probably nobody better to bring it out than Burton. Of course, we could end up with Planet of the Apes  meets <insert one of roughly 9/10ths of Jim Carrey’s movies here>. Go ahead, Carrey fans, rip me limb from limb for daring to suggest the man is wading in the shallow end of the talent pool.

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