Julia RobertsPretty much everyone and his brother has heard by now that Julia Roberts will make her Broadway debut next spring in Richard Greenberg's Three Days of Rain (whether or not she's quitting Hollywood for it is still unclear). We hadn't heard a peep, though, about who would be joining Roberts on stage. As of today, though, it's official: her costars will be Paul Rudd and Bradley Cooper. (As Matt of ALOTT5MA put it, the play must be "about people who are really, really, really good looking.")

While Cooper has spent most of his recent career on TV, he in fact has a background in theater. For his part, Rudd has made a very successful effort to split his professional time between Hollywood and the stage, where he's appeared in several notable plays, including premieres by Neil LaBute. It remains to be seen, of course, whether acting alongside experienced, talented stage actors will help Roberts or just make her look really, really bad.

[via ALOTT5MA]
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