It is no secret that Lachy Hulme is on the short rumor list for the part of the Joker in the upcoming Batman sequel. Recently, an actor working with him on the set of his current film discussed these rumors with Lachy, and reports that he is doubtful of the role. Upon questioning from his costar, Lachy said, “I've been in talks, but the outlook is not good." He also says that he is afraid to see what internet fans have to say about him because he would then feel the need to send each one of them a thank you note for their support, “because they're the ones getting me this far.” Batman-on-Film, however, suggests that Hulme is being “overly coy” about having the part. They also confirm recent rumors regarding the nature of the Joker and the Penguin in the new film, saying the only inaccuracy in previous rumors is that the Penguin character will be British, not Russian.

I have no strong opinions on the concept of Lachy Hulme playing the Joker. I will say, however, that he seems to have a good look for the part, should they indeed choose to pursue a darker version of the character. Also, the man was incredible in Four Jacks, playing a wonderfully dark and intense role. Okay, so maybe I do have strong opinions on the subject after all. Go for it, Hulme, I think you’d be great for the part.

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