Aeon Flux

Sci-fi gets animated, the MIA list gets truncated, and French fowls get emancipated. All on this Thanksgiving Leftovers edition of Cinematical's DVD Week In Review.
  • Aeon Flux: The Complete Animated Collection -- Korean animator Peter Chung's short-lived series, which started off as a segment on MTV's Liquid Television in 1992, predated the anime craze, and all ten half-hour episodes from its short-lived 1995 series run are collected in this long-awaited 3-disc set (with the Liquid Television pilot and all the shorts). A live action version starring Charlize Theron as Chung's, uh...titular futuristic freedom fighter, opens wide in theaters on December 2nd.
  • King Kong -- Film nuts have long lamented the lack of any kind of (legitimate) DVD release of Merian Cooper's 1933 staple, but now Turner Home Entertainment has pulled out all the stops with a variety of different multi-disc options, including one that features the quickie 1933 sequel, Son Of Kong and the 1949 ape-alike, Mighty Joe Young (featuring effects by legend Ray Harryhausen). The schmaltzy 1976 remake starring Jessica Lange and Jeff Bridges is also being reissued this week. Frighteningly gaunt lord of The Lord Of The Rings director Peter Jackson's 3-hour remake hits theaters on December 13th.
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