• spiderman.jpgActivision has purchased rights to make games out of Spiderman movies through 2017 - at which point, James Ransom-Wiley quips, "Tobey Maguire will be 42 and hopefully retired" from the tights.
  • Meanwhile, THQ has snatched up rights on the game version of Monster House, the CGI film that Robert Zemeckis and Steven Spielberg are co-producing for next summer.
  • Will the cute Blog- suffixes never end? James also introduces us to Blogopoly, the newest offering from Kurnik Online Games.
  • Blake Snow on Nintendo's move into the wi-fi gaming arena: "Much like the iPod and Southwest Airlines have revolutionized their respective industries, Nintendo is striving for the same in the video game market. The idea is to create breakout games and technologies that will appeal to new customers and eventually change demand."
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