The Prince and the PauperThere are so many scripts being pitched, bought and sold each week that it's hard to keep up with it all. Here, I'm going to try and pluck out the ones that aren't talked about as much in order to give you an idea of what Hollywood may or may not have in store for the future. Let's face it: Just because a script is sold does not, in any way, mean it's going to be made. So why don't we try and guess which of these future projects will eventually make their way in front of a camera...or not.
  • The Prince and the Pauper - Oh, that's right - they're doing another one. You know the drill: Complete opposites trade places for a night and somehow better themselves by living a day in the other's shoes. No plot details as of yet, but Jeffrey Hatcher will adapt Twain and Mark Gordon is attached to produce. Verdict: Won't get made.
  • Killing on Carnival Row - Man, I love it when a spec script is sold by a first-time writer. However, in most cases, it's not a first-time writer and the damn thing never gets made. Oh well, a boy can dream, right? Written by Travis Beacham, the story is said to be set in the future and surround a town in which its citizens are both human and, well, not so human. When a serial killer attacks, someone or something has to stop it. New Line picked it up with Arnold and Anne Kopelson will produce. Verdict: Won't get made.
  • Johnny Zero - Jon Favreau will write and direct this action-drama for Columbia Pictures which is said to be based on the birth of the hot-rod movement after World War II. Hot-rods are pretty cool, but the title reminds of me of some canceled television show from the early 90's. Verdict: Will get made.
  • Monster of the Midway - A biopic based on Jim Dent's book Monster of the Midway: Bronko Nagurski, the 1943 Chicago Bears and the Greatest Comeback Ever. Although I'm not too familiar with the guy, I do love the name Bronko and am always up for a good comeback story. Clancy Sigal and Janice Tidwell will adapt. Verdict: Won't get made.
  • Chasing Dinner - Donald Petrie will direct this script written by Bruce Evans and Ray Gideon, which revolves around three pigs who escape the knife, only to go on the lam spurring a media circus in a small town during the holiday season. It's being listed as a romantic comedy right now (tell me someone falls in love with a pig?) and was bought by the Yari Film Group. Verdict: Will get made.
Okay, now what's your verdict?
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