Lady in the WaterRemember that ultra-exciting teaser trailer for M. Night'sLady in the Water from a few days ago? Remember how enticed we were seeing Paul Giamatti stumble around this boring apartment building? Remember how I almost fell asleep? Oh, and remember how most of you agreed? Well, perhaps we should remember not to be so damn judgmental next time. Though he didn't include her in the teaser, the first picture of that mysterious water lady has just leaked onto the net. Supposedly the image was included in a press booklet sent out by Warners promoting their upcoming films. To say that I've already fallen in love with Bryce Dallas Howard's look here may be going a little overboard, but damn - check out those eyes. Here, she goes from playing a heroic blind girl in The Village to something called a Narf; which we're told is a character from a bedtime story that needs rescuing. For a full-sized shot of the pic, click on the read link below.

UPDATE: For some reason Dark Horizons has taken down their full-sized version of this picture, so for the time being, all you're going to get is the one in this post. Sorry folks.

UPDATE 2: Okay, so it's a rather old picture of Howard (not as the water lady) and that's why Horizons removed it. However, it's still a nice pic and more of a reason to anticipate the real one once it hits, right? So, we'll leave it up.

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