ShrekThough Andrew Adamson left Shrek 3 to direct a little picture called The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, he's still very involved in the former, to such a degree that he's likely receive both "story by" and executive producer screen credit. According to Adamson, the film's story revolves around everyone's favorite large green fellow (that movie so destroyed Hulk's street cred) having to run things in the Kingdom of Far Far Away when his father-in-law falls ill. Not surprisingly, Shrek doesn't dig the new gig and sets off in search of a replacement monarch: King Arthur who, apparently, is out of a job. Said Adamson, "It kind of plays with Arthurian legend, and at the same time...Shrek is learning about responsibility...He's also dealing with another responsibility that will be coming his way now that he's married and has started to settle down. It's pretty easy to see where we're going with that." Mmm...ogre babies.

While I tend to be cynical about multi-picture franchises in general, it's reassuring to see someone who's been involved from the beginning of the series still so passionate about where it's going. Makes you think that maybe, just maybe, money isn't the only motivation behind this particular sequel to a sequel (which isn't due out until 2007).
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