Tom CruiseSatiric (kind of) website "Tom Cruise is Nuts" did a little reader poll asking what Tom Cruise should name the baby he and Katie Kate Holmes are having. I'll give you three guesses what the top picks were. No, you don't win anything if you're right, because this is such a total no-brainer. Readers want Tom and Kate to name their baby Brooke (hah!) if it's a girl and L. Ron or some variant of that name (after Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard, if you haven't been keeping up) if it's a boy.

In second place were Xenu for a boy and Elron for a girl. I know the name Xenu has something to do with Scientology (one of you Scientology folks out there, feel free to pipe up here and clue us in on that). Tom's other kids (with actress Nicole Kidman) have normal names, and I kinda doubt Cruise would saddle his kid with a name like Xenu Cruise. The poor kid would be a social outcast, relegated to the lunch table for Hollywood Kids With Weird names along with Apple Paltrow-Martin, Coco Arquette, Jaz Elle Agassi, Banjo Taylor and Pilot Inspektor Lee.

What do you think Cruise and Holmes should name their baby?

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