Woody AllenAccording to a "film source" in London, Woody Allen is apparently looking to fund his third film there. It seems as if he's partly motivated by the huge amount of foreign praise being thrown about for Match Point, as well as the success he's found with making his latest film across the Atlantic, Scoop. While Scarlett Johansson stars in both Match Point and Scoop, rumor has it that Woody will once again offer her the leading role in his next film (Yeah, someone's got a huge crush), should it be shot in London. Although the BBC has funded both films, while under scrutiny for not backing "their own," word has it that a third film would be a bit too excessive, and therefore, a no go. But why London? For one thing, Woody gets his say without a Hollywood studio butting in like a jealous ex-girlfriend. In his words, "I don't feel they're qualified to give the input. They wouldn't know a good script from a problem script or how to cast a picture. Secondly, according to him, you'll find less of an ego from a British actor. "The stars don't deem it any kind of a comedown to do a three-line part. I'm able to work on a low-budget [film] there and it doesn't look low-budget." After a string of average films here in the States, Match Point (the first pic he's shot outside of New York) has a whopping 92% rating (13 reviews) over at Rotten Tomatoes. Hey, you be the judge - it's due out in limited release on Christmas Day.
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