A sneak peek at the new X-film can be seen on the upcoming Fantastic Four DVD, to be released in early December. An even sneakier peek can be seen online now, courtesy of some folks who got an advanced copy of said DVD. Storyboard images can be seen here, courtesy of Super Hero Hype. Mostly these images focus around the much-discussed destruction of the Golden GateBridge, which is subsequently hurled at Alcatraz. Also, according to Marvel Studios' Avi Arad, the new movie will show Wolverine doing “what he dislikes most”- becoming a leader.

The storyboard images are certainly fun, and they play to the strengths that the X-films have demonstrated so far – namely, awesome mutant powers being used to do cool stuff. Really, that’s what every Marvel fan has wanted in his/her heart of hearts; seeing the crazy world of mutant powers on the silver screen. And even if I was a bit harsh on the Beast news, I suppose it is good to see them working some character development as well. Otherwise, we’d have all flash and no substance. 

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