independenceday.jpgShortly after September 11, 2001, Dean Devlin and Roland Emmerich got to work on the script for a sequel to their 1996 uber-hit, Independence Day. Sometime later, they finished the script – "It was actually inspired by 9/11", Devlin says – and sometime after that, they gave Columbia back their advance and told the studio they were no longer interested in making a sequel.

"We wrote a sequel, and we thought it was a pretty good script," Devlin told SciFiWire. "But when we finished the script, and we looked at it, ... we said, 'Yeah, it's good, but is it right?' ... we thought, 'Can we think of a disaster movie that had a good sequel?' And we couldn't think of one. Because ... what makes it so spectacular is it's a once-in-a-lifetime disaster." Devlin says it was at that moment that he and his partner took a meeting with the studio, who surprised the pair by agreeing that the sequel shouldn't happen. "Now, I don't know if that'll hold down the line," he says. "But at least today they agree with us: that it was never intended to have a sequel, and if we did it, it would just be for the money, and that's not the right reason to do a sequel."

Wow – blockbuster filmmakers returning a paycheck? Studio executives struck down by a sudden attack of creative ethics? That sounds like its own once-in-a-lifetime disaster. Someone get a writer on this!

[via Moviehole]
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