kevincostner.jpgBecause we were all denied the opportunity to see him play "a grouchy, divorced man who refuses to sell his failing vineyard to the golf course next door" in Taming Ben Taylor, Kevin Costner is suing Ascendant Pictures. According to Costner, he reached an oral agreement "about pay and movie royalties" with Ascendant representatives late last year, but the company bailed on him in June. Jobless and apparently very poor (Well, maybe it's the principle of the thing. Either way, he's pissed.), Costner is suing the company for $8 million (the amount of the alleged agreement) and legal fees.

Is this really unusual? Based on what we read in the trades and report here, deals fall apart all the time for lots of different reasons. How come everyone involved isn't constantly suing one another? Is there something about this particularly deal that sets it apart from all the others? Color me confused.
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