Youth in RevoltSeriously, Youth in Revolt is one of the best novels I've ever read. At just about 500 pages, the thing sucks you in and flies, as you anxiously anticipate whatever complicated situation its hero, Nick Twisp, will find himself in next. It didn't take long for C.D. Payne's novel (originally self-published) to take on an enormous cult following. Over the past several years, the thing has spawned a stage play, a radio broadcast and several websites dedicated to it. Of course, with that kind of attention, it didn't take long for Hollywood to come knocking. I believe it was originally supposed to be a television show, but that never happened. Now, Dimension Films has bought the rights, along with a script written by Gustin Nash, from Shangri-La Entertainment, and Bob Weinstein plans to give it a go sometime next year. He says, "Gustin Nash wrote a phenomenal script with all of the necessary elements to make a commercial hit." Man, I hope that's the truth. Pic is said to be a cross between American Pie and Portnoy's Complaint and will revolve around teen toublemaker Nick Twisp's quest to lose his virginity. It seems simple enough, but if you've read the book, then you'll know that this sucker has so much insanity packed into it - I can't even imagine where they'll go with it. Regardless, my ticket has already been purchased. Anyone else read the book? Are you excited about the film or do you feel they'll never be able to do the book justice?
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