Gregory PeckGregory Peck's star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame - one of the originals, dedicated in 1960 - was stolen recently when someone just sort of chiseled it out of the sidewalk. What's very, very odd about this whole thing is that all reports indicated that the star disappeared "sometime between Nov. 17 and Nov. 22." Um, what? Not only did no one see a guy picking at the sidewalk with something sharp (or, say, a jackhammer), taking a star out, putting it in a truck, and driving away, but the GIANT HOLE went unnoticed for five days?! How is this possible?

While I freely admit that I've not spent much time in Hollywood (a grant total of about four hours is my guess), I don't remember it being the sort of windswept wasteland where a gaping hole in the sidewalk would be missed. I mean, you'd think that someone would walk by at some point and notice something was amiss, right? Perhaps there are more problems here that just a missing star.
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