• nickandjesica.jpPage Six confirms what we reported earlier in the week: Nick and Jessica never signed a prenup! In order to combat Nick's sticky fingers, the blonde one has hired a nasty divorce lawyer named Laura Wasser. Can't wait for the hearing!
  • Joy Bryant claims her Ivy League education allowed her to go to Paris and never "wake up butt naked in a chateau wearing handcuffs, thinking, 'Why am I here — with a headache?!'" So how come Yale didn't steer her away from that terrible sex scene in Get Rich or Die Tryin'?
  • Sometime-actor, full-time White Stripe Jack White is expecting a child with new-wife, model Karen Elson. Expect the child's name to have something to do with The Lady From Shanghai.
  • John Belushi's widow is pissed off that she told all of his friends to talk to Bob Woodward. She's now directing them to a new biographer to tell all the same stories over again - plus new, nasty ones about a certain reporter with the initials of B. W.
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