katrina.jpgThe people behind a $20 million plan to build a film studio in New Orleans have all but reneged on the deal, according to an article in yesterday's Times-Picayune.  "Obviously we want to see how New Orleans reconstructs itself," Bob Papazian, CEO of Sunset-Gower Studios and head of the project, told the New Orleans paper. His apprehension is based less on the current state of the city, than on the unsure future of its economy. The studio, to be located in the largely Katrina-spared Algiers-Gretna area, was to have included "five soundstages, office space, digital post- production facilities and an outdoor set resembling the French Quarter." Louisiana's governor's office has been aggressively trying to bring production back to the state, which was thriving as Hollywood's Southeast-satellite before the storm. Though Papazian said that progress on the project currently lies somewhere in between "slowed down" and "killed", Barry Kern, the owner of the land on which the studio was to have been built, remains optimistic. "I think," he told the paper, "We'll be able to try again and make it happen."
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