Jimmy Palmiotti, creator of Painkiller Jane(along with Joe Quesada) recently spoke to Comics Continuum about the Sci-Fi Channel’s upcoming movie based on his creation. He said the film is “an interesting and totally different take on the character," and that “the setup is different, but the main idea is still there.” He said the strengths of the upcoming film lie in its casting and production – he feels that the crew really gave their best to the project. And the weaknesses? The changes they made to his story. He says he understands why the character was changed, but still disagrees with the new direction. His version of the film would have been darker and wilder. New images of the upcoming movie, which is rumored to be treated as a possible series pilot, can he seen here and here.

I’m in more or less the same boat as Jimmy – it’d be nice if they left the story and character alone, but you understand that they are trying to market it for cable television and appeal to as broad an audience as possible. I would frankly have rather seen the project left alone if they couldn’t give it the treatment it deserves, but since they are giving it a try, I’m glad to hear that the actors and production crew have done well, and I hope for the best.

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