Jeremy PivenIt's a great day for Jeremy Piven fans (and, presumably, Piven himself): finally, after spending pretty much his entire career in supporting roles, the man is on the verge of landing a leading part. Woo hoo! According to press reports, he's in "final negotiations" with New Line to star in an untitled (it used to be called Furry Vengeance - can't imagine why that was dumped) "man vs. nature project." In the movie, Piven would play a "real estate developer who accepts a challenge from his real estate mogul boss to develop a pristine forest in the hopes of being promoted to partner." Not too disastrous sounding, right? But wait: "He gets more than he bargained for when the area's animal residents start taking their revenge on him and wreak havoc on his every attempt to develop the land."

All together now: Oh. Dear. So, is this going to be Doctor Dolittle, except without the talking? The Money Pit, except with animals breaking stuff? Man alive. 20 years of strong supporting roles, and he gets this?
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