Ramona QuimbyI cannot believe that the first Romana Quimby story came out in 1955 (for those of you playing the home game, the book was Beezus and Ramona) - who knew it was that long ago? Creator Beverly Cleary turns 90 next April and, as an early birthday present, it was just announced that Harper Collins has signed a deal (with Cleary's blessing) with Fox 2000 to finally bring the series to the big screen.

My own elation over this news (I swear I read Otis Spofford 30 times in 1980 alone) is tempered by this bit of Harper Collins' statement: "it's the ideal time to reintroduce Ramona Quimby -- and all of Mrs. Cleary's other memorable characters -- to a new generation of young people." Does "reintroduce" means that the books are no longer widely read? (I just checked, and they are still in print, at least.) If, at 32, I'm part of the last generation that really loved these characters, I'm a little concerned where the audience for the movies is going to come from. I mean sure, I'll rent a Ramona movie out of nostalgia, but I don't see my peers packing theaters based on that alone. Parents, do your young kids have any idea who Beverly Cleary is?
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