fatsuit.jpgGabriel Snyder wrote a piece in yesterday's Slate about the marketing campaign for Just Friends, that Ryan Reynolds comedy that you didn't see last weekend. Around the virtual office, we were referring to Friends as "the fat-suit movie" for weeks, based on its early commericals and one particularly vulgar bus ad in my neighborhood. But closer to the release, New Line adapted its campaign to reflect the film's truer, romantic-slapstick nature. Snyder talks to a New Line rep who admits that the early fat-suit-heavy ads were designed to get attention, and that the studio "always intended to go more romantic comedy-contemporary as we got closer to release." But, as Snyder wonders, if you're looking for attention, is fat-suit really the best way to go? Fat-suit movies are by no means sure-fire box-office gold, and plus, you run the risk of completely turning off those of us who equate latex-assisted obesity with modern-day blackface.
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