IGN is claiming an exclusive scoop regarding the possibility of a return to the Firefly universe for Joss Whedon and company. According to IGN’s sources, Universal was (not surprisingly) quite disappointed in the performance of Serenity, but continued strong sales of the TV series Firefly on DVD have encouraged them to produce a second movie. This one, however, would be on a thin budget, and produced for (Universal owned) Sci-Fi Channel. Joss Whedon’s sources denied the rumor, when IGN contacted them. The news, if coming from someone inside the Universal tent, may not have developed into solid enough plans for Whedon’s people to be contacted about it yet. Or, it may just be a false rumor.

Whedon fans, is this welcome news? I presume that fans will be happy to have any further developments from the ill-fated series. It is a made for TV movie, but the series started out (and was at its best) on television, so would this cause any real problems? Or would it be better to simply let the world go gentle into that good night?

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