In case you’ve ever felt like your room was missing a little something…and realized that something was an creepy guy with tight pants and way too much make-up, Palisades Toys has got you covered. Set for release in 2006 is the twelve inch tall Goblin King Jareth action figure, with 27 points of articulation. It will come dressed in a Regency shirt, breeches and riding boots, complete with three magical crystal balls, a riding crop, and an intricate necklace. The Goblin King, for those of you unfortunate enough to not have a clear memory of the 80s, is the villain from Jim Henson’sLabyrinth, played by David Bowie. The action figure will be the first in a line of Labyrinth figures to be produced by Palisades Toys, and will cost you roughly 40 dollars.

I love Labyrinth, seriously I do, but I can’t possibly imagine wanting to own this action figure. It’s creepy enough seeing Bowie playing the character in the movie, the last thing I want is a twelve inch version of him hanging out in my house. Now when they get around to creating action figures of Didymus, Ludo, or Hoggle, I may just become a customer. Dance magic, dance!


[via Cinescape]

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