About a month ago, Ryan reviewed Pulse, a four-year-old, little-seen-stateside J-horror flick that The Weinstein Company Bob Weinstein-controlled Dimension is currently in the process of remaking. But how literally are they remaking it? A source pointed us to a similarity in the trailers for the two films. Take a look at the original first, and pay special attention to the plane crash shot. Then, look at the trailer for the Weinstein remake. Is that the same shot, with a different actress digitally inserted? What do you think?

UPDATE: Added screenshots. Original on top, remake on the bottom. Aside from coloring (which I think is mostly an artifact of screencapping), what looks different to you? I think they either lifted the shot and added a little bit of digital trickery - which may not even be illegal, considering they own the rights – or else, they're making a VERY faithful remake.

[Thanks, Jonathan!]
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