mrshenderson.jpgI was listening to the Leonard Lopate Show on WNYC this afternoon (yeah, I know – Lopate's a tool, but he often has great guests), and he was talking to Stephen Frears and Judi Dench, director and star of wartime-burlesque comedy Mrs. Henderson Presents. Frears explained that out of concern for realism, he insisted that the actresses playing the 30s-era dancing girls stop going to the gym and stay out of the sun. "Bodies were just a little rounder then," he said, "And not tan." Mmmm ... fleshy, pasty, naked girls. Sign me up. Also in the interview, Lopate asked Frears if he ever gave Judi Dench line readings. Both the director and star burst into laughter. "Oh, good god, no!" Frears chuckled. "Are you mad?"
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