HaloAccording to IESB, word is beginning to leak out of the King Kong press junket in New York that Peter Jackson is in strong negotiations to have Guillermo Del Toro direct the video game adaptation of Halo. Del Toro, who also helmed Hellboy and Blade 2, has most recently been in pre-production with Hellboy 2, in which the 1st draft of a script was just turned in to the studio. If he is to direct then will that mean he'll be off the Hellboy sequel? Seeing as Halo is apparently moving full steam ahead, they'll be no way for him to do both films, unless one of them (Hint: Not Halo) gets seriously delayed. I actually enjoyed Hellboy quite a bit and thought the visuals were outstanding, but then again, I'm by no means a Halo fanatic. In saying that, I'm calling on all Halo fans to put down the controller for five minutes (seriously, it's okay) and come tell us what you think of Del Toro taking on the project.

[via Dark Horizons]

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