The Tattooed Map by Barbara Hodgson is a strange, illustrated novel -- illustrated to the point that the pictures are central and necessary to the story itself. In the novel, a woman and her husband take a vacation to Morocco in an attempt to help heal their strange relationship. While there, a map begins to appear on the body of the woman, although it can only be seen by the woman herself and a bizarre native man. While following the map, the woman keeps a detailed, illustrated journal- the novel. Variety is now reporting that the Henson Company has picked up rights to the film and has tasked largely untested director Lili Zanuck to helm it. Yuri Zeltser and Cary Bickley will write the screenplay- and the only major change will be in location, from Morocco to India.

I have no idea how this will turn out- while I adore Henson Co., they have a somewhat limited history when it comes to non-muppet big screen features. They did a magnificent job on MirrorMask, however, and if that’s any indication of how the company is going to produce, then I’m all for it. I’d like nothing more than to see Henson Co. get some solid momentum going.

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