Will SmithWill Smith has signed on to play an underappreciated superhero suffering through a mid-life crisis in Tonight, He Comes, to be produced by Akiva Goldsman and Michael Mann. The project has been in limbo ever since Mann (originally attached to direct) decided to re-locate to Miami (along with Colin Farrell and Jamie Foxx) for the time being. Now, it appears as if Jonathan Mostow will direct from a script re-written by Vincent Gilligan. Last month, Mark reported on a rumor that Smith was being considered for the role of Nick Fury; the rough and tough, patch-wearing Marvel character. Seeing he's signed onto this flick makes one wonder whether or not he and his agent were on a superhero script hunt? In order to focus solely on Tonight, Mostow will be pushing back two other projects; The Swiss Family Robinson and Terminator 4. Hmm, so I guess he is attached to another sequel? Regardless, with Arnold still holding office (as well as giganto box-office numbers), it's probably a wiser move to delay. What do you think?
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