OldboyOldboy, Korean director Chan-wook Park's incredibly violent tale of imprisonment and revenge, was one of the most divisive films released this year. While a few directors dismissed it an aimless gore-fest, many were deeply affected and very impressed by the film. Because of all the attention the movie got (and because, face it, we love violence), it's a foregone conclusion that an American remake in the works. Somewhat more surprising, however, is that there's an Indian version on the way as well.

The Bollywood film is called Zinda and, while the lack of singing and dancing in the previews is deeply disappointing, the images are quite powerful and the star is (visually at least) very intriguing. It comes out in Indian at the end of this year but so far hasn't secured distribution anywhere else; it'll be fascinating to see how it's received. I wonder if any US companies would even considering bringing it here (particularly if it ends up better than the US version) - after all, how many Oldboy remakes can we see before the audiences start to dwindle?

[via JoBlo]