combatCall me crazy, but this strikes me as an incredibly cool plot: "The story, which takes place after an electromagnetic pulse disables the infrastructure of the country, revolves around a ragtag group of Americans who must use technology from the 1940s and '50s to defend against a foreign invasion." I mean, there's a lot of potential in that sentence! Modern warfare techniques combined with old school technology is interesting, right? Maybe? Then throw in an always-reliable foreign invasion - this thing could rock.

Oh, I know. It's a sentence. But you never know, right? It might work out. Also intriguing is the news that Ericson Core will direct. Core, who started his career as a cinematographer and just recently made the jump to the director's chair, knows his action - he was DP on The Fast and the Furious (and shot, um, Daredevil) and also worked on the short-lived TV series EZ Streets, which was gritty and brilliant and totally unfairly canceled.

Apart from the above, the only real info that's out there on this project is that it's called Liberty and has a "big budget," but we'll keep an eye out and see what develops. (And yes, if Will Smith is cast to star, I promise I will stop talking it up.)
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