Comic Book Movie tells us that the official website for model/actress Christina Cindrich claims that Christina has landed herself a role in the newest movie about everyone’s favorite web slinger. Apparently she has been in L.A. recently for Spidey film shoots. No further details are given…so if you’ve got any, you should share them.

You may remember Cindrich from…well, not much, really. If you remember her at all, its probably due to a reoccurring role on TV’s Port Arthur. Other than that, she’s mostly just done bit roles in television series and a few movies- she was apparently uncredited as “Jell-O Shot Girl” in American Pie 2. Having mercifully never seen the film, I have no idea what this means. Perhaps a bit in one of the most successful film franchises of the decade can be a career launcher for her. Anyone have any opinions on this girl? A Port Arthurfan, maybe?

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