Jamie KennedyEven those of you who never worked at a high school or (mercifully) aren't saddled with a brother who thinks it was the funniest movie ever are probably familiar with a little picture calledMalibu's Most Wanted. On the off-chance you somehow missed it, it starred Jamie Kennedy as Brad (AKA B-Rad) Gluckman, the whitest wannabe on earth. As a result of the inexplicable popularity of that film, Kennedy seems to have decided that playing white guys who wish they were black is going to be his cash cow, and he's signed on to star in Kickin it Old Skool. Are you ready for this plot? Kennedy will play a "pre-teen from the 80’s thrown into a coma by a freak break-dancing accident and awakening twenty years later in our modern era."

While it's very weird that Kennedy has apparently cornered the market on down white guys, I have to admit that we children of the 80s are likely to be pretty open to anything that involves break-dancing - who knows, maybe the guy's stumbled upon a (demented) casting gold mine. Filming starts in January.
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