everyonewhosanyon.jpgA blogger named Gerard Jones has posted the email addresses of thousands of agents, producers and executives on a site called EveryoneWhosAnyone.com, breaking down the iron curtain between practicing Hollywoodites and the rabble that aspire to knock them off their respective blocks. Screenwriters and other budding creatives have apparently been flooding the agents and execs on the list with email inquiries. Now Universal (predictably, if baselessly) is crying "spam attack", and is trying to get Jones' domain host to force him to remove the information.

"The site encourages would-be screenwriters to inundate our executives with unsolicited submissions, spam, phone calls," read a letter sent from Universal's legal department to Dotster. "Since this material was posted by your customer (Gerard Jones), the amount of spam email our executives have received has skyrocketed, with scores of people sending us ideas for screenplays." Jones has apparently already recieved cease and desist requests from Creative Artists Agency and The Weinstein Company. He's thus far refused to take any of the contact information down; instead, he's posted snippets of correspondance with various agencies under their phone numbers. His full exchange with Universal's counsel is posted here, and it's great. ""If your Gestapo tactics succeed in getting my website shut down," Jones warns, "GE and its subsidiaries will be the laughing stock of generations of freedom loving Americans. "Imagination at work." Ha! Good luck." He then slags Universal's counsel off as "some corporate chick lawyer" and accuses her of living in "a solipsistic tree fort".

But how many emails are these people really getting? With an Alexa traffic rank of 
149,849, Jones' experiment in transparency hasn't exactly cracked the top level of the culture. That said, it may not matter in the end: as attorney and free-speech expert Martin Garbus told Variety, "I think he's protected; email addresses are in the public domain. If anyone took him to court, he'd probably win."

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