• Wendie Jo SperberWendie Jo Sperber had a solid TV and movie career as a character actress. She first appeared on most people's radar as one of the actual females in the drag sitcom Bosom Buddies. I remember her most vividly as Marty's sister in the Back to the Future movies. She died on Tuesday after a long battle with breast cancer. Sperber had been diagnosed since 1997 but continued to work in film sporadically, and founded a cancer support group called weSPARK. She was in her 40s.
  • Keith Andes acted in "beefcake" roles in second-string Hollywood movies in the 1950s, including co-starring with Marilyn Monroe in the 1952 Fritz Lang film Clash By Night. He switched mainly to supporting TV roles in the 1960s and 1970s, including a recurring role on The Lucy Show and an appearance on an episode of Star Trek. Andes had been fighting bladder cancer in recent years and committed suicide by asphyxiation on Nov. 11. The actor was 85.
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