Empire Online recently snagged a few moments of time away from Patrick Stewart, the venerable Professor X of Marvel fame. Stewart was predictably closed-mouthed and coy, but he did drop a few hints for us fans to bend our minds thinking about. Given that there is so much action going on in the film, and so many mutants seeing screen time, EO wondered what sort of a role the Prof would have in X3. His response? “You'd need about an hour to hear all about it. There are going to be some changes. Professor X is now very, very startling, very surprising. It's all very exciting.” In other semi-vague news,
child actress Makenzie Vega just finished filming an unspecified role in X3.

Time for you out there in readerland to chime in. What big events are going down for Professor X? Heard any good rumors, or have any good guesses? Maybe something regarding the Astral Plane? That might be just a bit too involved of a concept to cram into an already full film. And while we are at it, what child mutant might little Miss Vega be playing? She’s 11ish now…maybe a young Jubilee or Danny Moonstar? Or perhaps Illyana Rasputin – wouldn’t that be cool?

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