kingkong.jpgEarlier this week, the first "review" of Peter Jackson's King Kong hit the web, in the form of a pay-for-play puff piece by Devin Gordon of Newsweek. The second review of the film, courtesy of The Daily Mail, is essentially exactly what you'd expect from a tabloid take on a major cultural event: lots of production trivia ("The Kong busts took a long time to make. Just punching in the 40,000 yak hairs took three and a half weeks for each one") crap analogies ("Jackson opens his movie with Al Jolson singing "I'm Sitting On Top Of The World". And that's where the director is - with the competition far, far below") and a few cringingly awful turns of phrase ("King Kong truly is an 8,000lb gorilla of a movie"). In short: another empty rave.  When's someone going to step up and take this film seriously? We see the film on Monday, but for the sake of the state of criticism, I hope someone beats of us to it.
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