• You can watch a video interview of Joss Whedon talking about Wonder Womanhere. The gist of what he has to say is that his movie is not a remake or a reintroduction, but more of “a distillation.” He’s taken what he considers to be all the best and most important parts of the character, and discarded some of the less important bits. Sounds like a good plan to me, overall.
  • You can watch a video interview of Brian Singer discussing Superman, X-Men, and various other interests here. He misses X-Men, particularly hanging out with the actors involved; he is (obviously) enjoying Superman; and he wouldn’t be opposed to directing a new Star Trek flick someday. If it happened, could Singer be the man to resurrect Trek? I’d say he’s got as good a shot as anyone, and better than most.
  • Fox will release a trailer for X-3, originally planned to debut attached to King Kong in theatres, a week early. There are some very interesting details about the nature of that trailer here, if you are interested. I continue to be nervous about this film, but can’t help but look forward to it in some way.
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