Jamie FoxxJamie Foxx has signed on to star in The Kingdom; a new political thriller to be directed by Peter Berg. Berg, who directed Friday Night Lights and The Rundown, also acted alongside Foxx in Collateral. Follow me here, I think I'm onto something. Michael Mann (who directed Collateral) will be producing Kingdom, and in a totally bizarre coincidence, happens to be directing Foxx (as we speak) in Miami Vice. Okay, now where does Kevin Bacon fit into all of this? I got it! Kevin Bacon worked with Laurence Fishburne (Mystic River), who worked with Keanu Reeves (The Matrix), who worked with Al Pacino (The Devil's Advocate) who worked with - you guessed it - Jamie Foxx in Any Given Sunday. Hoorah! Kingdom tells the story of an elite team of counter-terrorism investigators put in charge of tracking down the folks responsible for a bombing on American workers in the Middle East. Upon their arrival into this somewhat off-limits territory, it's probably wise to say that not everything turns up kosher. Shooting will begin in May for Universal Pictures.
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