georgeclooney.jpgI can see it now: Clooney vs. O'Reilly. MGM Grand. Fight to the death.

The pundit and the dreamboat have been odds ever since Clooney played a doctor on TV. In an interview with Dan Abrams scheduled to air today (Page Six says its on CNBC, but I'd bet my membership in the Booker Brooks Fan Club that The Abrams Report is on MSNBC), Clooney allegedly challenges the Fox News personality to face him like a less-pretty man. "I'll debate him right here, right now," Clooney reportedly says, surely making Dan wish we had those teleporting devices they promised would be in every television studio by the year 2000.

The Sixers talked to O'Reilly himself about it, and he says Clooney's just - wait for it - trying to drum up press.
"A source close to his P.R. told me this is his strategy. Clooney is not a quality guy." Even more shocking, O'Reilly claims he actually liked The Cloonster's gorgeous piece of liberal agit-prop, currently in a theater near you. "I saw him in the lobby after Good Night, and Good Luck and told him I liked the movie," O'Reilly says. "We had a nice conversation and shook hands, but the next day he was trashing me in order to get press. Now he's got a new movie and he's doing it again. He brings it up all the time." Clooney's actual P.R.,  meanwhile, insists that it's O'Reilly who can't get enough of the feud. "He says George's career is in trouble because of his politics," Stan Rosenfeld tells the Post. "We don't need any more press."

So how many rounds to you think this'll go?
We tend to agree with The Reeler, who suggested via IM this morning that the "ref would stop the fight after O'Reilly chewed Clooney's ear off". He means that figuratively, of course.
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